Energy Efficiency

At Asheville Air, our knowledge of energy efficiency goes far deeper than insulation and windows. We carefully inspect the ins and outs of air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and ductwork, making individualized plans to help homeowners and businesses become more sustainable. Solutions to increase energy efficiency range from regularly replacing air filters, cleaning coils, and sealing ducts to replacing faulty parts, adjusting blower components and checking electrical wiring. If you score below a "5" on the assessment below, Asheville Air can help figure out what improvements need to be made. By investing a little time and money in keeping your unit operating at peak performance, the energy bill savingscan skyrocket.


Know Your Energy Score

An average home will score a "5" on the Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick, with 1 being the most energy efficient and 10 indicating severe need for improvement. 


  • Find out where you score.

  • Read over these tips to see what improvements you can make.

  • Give us a call or email us to talk about how we can help lower your score.

Energy Star Air Conditioners
Energy Star

Our goal is to lower your heating and cooling costs. Contact Asheville Air to learn more about our energy assessment services.